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SYNTAX Diamond Information Systems LLC changes legal name to: MAGNOOS Information Systems LLC

A new era is about to begin!
We have exciting news for all of us.
After 7 years of successful presence in the Middle East under the association and brand name of SYNTAX, we are getting a brand new, fresher and modern look in order to serve the Middle East market more efficiently by increasing our local presence and adopting the local culture, by building a real multi-cultural entity.
We are now operating under the brand name MAGNOOS, which comes from the combination of the words MAGnet and NOOS (from the Greek word “νούς» which means “mind”), while the word Magnus means in Latin “the greatest”. As a result, we are all inviting you to be part of MAGNOOS which will be “the greatest magnet of minds”! Our corporate Head Office will remain in Abu Dhabi and we will be serving the entire region with regional presence in Alexandria, Athens, Dubai, Riyadh and Hyderabad.
We recently changed our legal entity name from “SYNTAX Diamond Information Systems LLC” to “MAGNOOS Information Systems LLC” as part of an ongoing effort to better reflect our brand and make doing business with us much simpler. Only our name is changing – all bank account numbers, tax IDs, legal status, ownership, addresses, etc. will remain the same. All contracts with customers and partners remain unchanged, with all corresponding rights and obligations continuing under the new name without a need for any assignment or novation. Internally, the company structure remains the same and as you may have noticed, we are in a period of huge growth and focus in the local market!

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