Why Data Quality Matters?

The hallmark of data quality is how good data supports the context in which it’s consumed. With information architectures growing larger, more diverse, and more complex, the need to effectively monitor and control quality of data becomes important. As data is a critical factor in the decision-making process within an enterprise, Data Quality gains significance.

Within an organization, acceptable data quality is crucial to operational and transactional processes and to the reliability of business analytics (BA) / business intelligence (BI) reporting and enhanced and de-duplicated customer data for effective marketing.

MAGNOOS offers a repetitive and proven on going Data Quality Management process which entails the establishment and deployment of roles, responsibilities, policies, and procedures concerning the acquisition, maintenance, dissemination, and disposition of data.

MAGNOOS solutions help guide data quality initiatives from the initial step of profiling to the ongoing discipline of continuous monitoring and optimization.

The methodology aligns with the Industry standards to deliver the full range of data quality capabilities that Organizations require to ensure that all its data is complete, consistent, accurate, and current.

Ensure that authoritative and trustworthy data is available to all stakeholders and data domains, for all projects and business applications, enabling your company to trust all of its data, for all its needs, at all times.

Contact Data Verification

Trusted contact data is key to effective communication with your customers and prospects. In fact, 92 percent of marketing and sales influencers surveyed by Ascend2 say that valid data is “very important” for their success.

Don’t let incorrect contact information undermine your brand reputation. Verify email addresses, postal addresses, and phone numbers for customers across the globe with one-stop solution offering from MAGNOOS which covers the following:

Email Verification

• Verify emails immediately
• Eliminate malicious threats
• Improve delivery rates—and your reputation
• Integrates easily and quickly through API in Realtime/batch with Applications


Address Verification

• Easy Integration – It’s easy to integrate Address Verification into any application, so you don’t have to learn or manage a new system.
• Enriched Data – You can enrich your address data with geocodes, demographic, lifestyle, and socio-economic data.
• Certified Mode – Let’s you gain mailing discounts when validating addresses in certified mode from specific countries.

Phone Verification

• Ensure quality at the point of entry.
• Enrich Phone Number data with time zone information.
• Target phone types – Identify if the number is a landline, mobile, free phone or VoIP phone to ensure regulatory compliance for mobile outreach campaigns.

Data Governance

MAGNOOS Data Governance Services can help you develop an effective Enterprise Data Governance strategy and support you in the deployment and operationalization of the solution – while achieving a low Total Cost of Ownership.

MAGNOOS can help you with your data governance initiatives, including Metadata Management across BI, SOA, and EA solutions. We provide the following services to help your Data Governance initiative:


• Identify key business objectives and develop KPIs to measure the effectiveness of the Data Governance solution and ensure it meets stated objectives.

• Identify core business data entities that need to be managed consistently on the enterprise level and establish priorities. (Note: these priorities can be used in developing the MDM solution)

• Define key stakeholders, including data architects and data stewards, roles, responsibilities and permissions for accessing and changing data

• Define Data Governance policies, procedures, and methods

• Enforcement of data cleansing routines, which are based on data quality standards and the organization’s business rules

• Create an operational business process model for managing data and the prescriptive guidance to implementing it

• Recommend IT landscape that supports corporate goals in a cost-effective manner.

• Identify how different solutions (BI, SOA, EA) access and utilize data

Data Governance Services

DQ Audit/ Assessment Evaluate current state of data Assets – Identify major DQ issues and estimates DQ improvement

Data Governance Ensures process, people and technology are used in appropriate way to ensure DQ improvement

Implementation Delivers end to end services covering workshops, profiling, build validation rules, standardization procedures to continuous on going monitoring and optimization.

Address Verification Service Seamless integration of validation process to your existing application giving more.

Data Quality Across All Environments Implement Data Quality procedures for On premise, Cloud as well as Big Data applications.