Data integration is the process of combining data from many different sources into an application. You need to deliver the right data in the right format at the right timeframe to fuel great analytics and business processes.

A data integration project usually involves the following steps:

Accessing data from all its sources and locations, whether those are on premises or in the cloud or some combination of both.

Integrating data,so that records from one data source map to records in another (e.g., even if one dataset uses “lastname, firstname” and another uses “fname, lname,” the integrated set will make sure both end up in the right place). This type of data preparation is essential for analytics or other applications to be able to use the data with any success.

Delivering integrated data to the business exactly when the business needs it, whether it is in batch, near real time, or real time.

Need for Data Integration:

Data is at the heart of your business. Today more than ever companies need reliable data to make timely, insightful decisions and stay ahead of the curve. With exploding data sources, complex data types, and increasing data volumes, integrating data from disparate sources and getting value from that data has become even more challenging.

A high-performance, agile data integration platform is the key to your business success a platform that will scale to expanding business needs and solve business problems such as customer churn, campaign effectiveness, fraud detection, and sales optimization.


As organizations increasingly focus on strategic business initiatives, Data Integration becomes an essential tool for leveraging the power of raw data. Data Integration create an accurate and consistent view of core information assets by assimilating data across heterogenous system and leverage these assets across the enterprise to drive business decisions and operations.We bring expertise and experience in implementing data integration solutions to solve your business challenges.

Our offerings include:
Data Integration Consulting and Definition

Provide methodologies, best practices and proven solutions covering all aspects of enterprise data integration covering architectural, installation & Configuration as well as delivery solution.

Data Integration Enablement for Emerging Business Cases

Helps you handle emerging Data Integration requirements of high-volume batch services, real-time services, unstructured data and Big Data.

Build scalable platform

Implement a highly available and scalable platform for accessing, discovering, cleansing, and integrating data from different data sources in any format and delivering that data through the enterprise at any speed.

Data Integration Capabilities in the Cloud

Enables you to move your Data Integration capabilities to the cloud and support scenarios such as connecting, synchronizing, and relating data, applications, and processes between cloud and on-premise systems, implement batch and real time synchronization of data, data security, data quality and master data management implementation.

Big Data Implementations

A systematic approach that quickly and repeatedly transforms ever-increasing amounts of big data into business value without risk is clearly the ingredient for success. MAGNOOS implements the Big Data solutions offering i.e. Big Data Management, Big Data Parser, Big Data Relationship Manager, Intelligent Data lake, Enterprise Information Catalog and Intelligent Streaming

Technology Migration, Data Integration Administration, Performance Optimization

Ensures better efficiency in managing the Data Integration environment in terms of alignment with business, optimal hardware, software, optimized costs and people.

Metadata Management

Simplify change management by providing enterprise-wide visibility into data definitions, lineage, and relationships. Build confidence in the data used to make critical business decisions. Boost your IT team’s productivity as well as ensure regulatory compliance by understanding the metadata where and how it’s used throughout the enterprise

Monitoring Solution

Reduce risk of data integration process failures by empowering your IT organization to get out in front of issues before they become problems. Streamline Data Integration Process and deliver on SLA’s. Enforce best practices.

Data Validation Testing

Ensure Data’s Accuracy and Trustworthiness of data and establish more confidence in the data and in the IT development team from business users. Reduce Data Testing and Validation Time and Resources by 50 to 90 Percent

Proof of Concept

MAGNOOS professionals can deliver on premise proof of concepts with set objectives to address customer requirements.


Offers training in addition, MAGNOOS also offers customized training to meet specific requirements of the customer. MAGNOOS also assist in implementing foundation projects setting up blueprints for complex projects