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Traditional Analytics – Challenges

To make informed decisions on a day–to–day basis, organizations needs data at various levels to perform business functions which includes Finance, Procurement, IT, HR, Support Operations, Sales, Customer Services and Marketing departments. However, these data are not accessible by most of the key stakeholders, despite the increase in rollout of Analytics programs across organizations.

The primary challenges that prevent people from using traditional data and analytics to make accurate decision includes:

primary challenges

MAGDIA – Data Intelligence Automation for Everyone


Introducing MAGDIA, a unique solution offering from MAGNOOS which makes the applications people use every day smarter, by combining best breed technologies which delivers AI infused, Automated Decision Making directly from their everyday commonly used applications. The solution combines the features of RPA (Extra Hands), AI (Extra Minds) and Intelligent Cards (Extra Vision) to provide critical information to decision makers at their fingertips.

Key Highlights:

Supercharge your analytical experience for HR, Procurement, Finance, Customer Happiness and many more !


Data to Insight:

Data to Insight

MAGDIA extracts key KPI information, performs AI based predictions and proposes AI suggestions across all aspects of data.

Key Functionalities:


How MAGDIA works?




The cards can be deployed across the organization and provide access to the employees with the actionable insights, thereby helping them make data-based decisions


No need to move between the  applications. Get the same cards/data by hovering over the mobile device, web browser and Office applications

Data Consistency:

It ensures that everyone have access to the same data which is integrated across multiple systems and provides consistent data with better quality which can provide quick information for decision making


Employees spend less time looking for answers as the answers will find the users when and where required.

SuperCharged Applications: