MAGNOOS provides software and consulting services enabling enterprises and organizations to assure the performance, availability and efficiency of IT operations and Service Level Management and delivery.

In the digital economy, speed, innovation and quality have become table stakes. If you can’t meet your customers’ expectations, they will surely find a competitor who can.

Whether your organization is in one of the sectors facing the most intense digital competition – insurance, banking, telecommunications, transportation & retail – or in a more traditional industry or public organization, how rapidly and successfully you embrace a service-driven digital transformation strategy will likely have a profound effect on your organization’s long-term viability and growth.

Cognitive Service Management

Cognitive Service Management – Deliver a seamless service experience across the enterprise
Predictive ITSM with intelligent, people-centric user experiences that help you work smarter.
Increase productivity by up to 75% with superior IT service management, get a clear and complete view of Service Performance, help IT manage more effectively the quality and availability of online services, and provide an end-to-end real-time view of service delivery alongside innovative IT operations analytics to help transform operations from a technology silo monitoring team to a business aligned team that monitors services and assures their quality.

Automate classification, assignment, and routing of incidents to transform the way services are delivered.

Employ virtual agents and chatbots to create a self-service experience that employees want to consume.

Leverage AI to embed predictive intelligence into applications during development

Automatic Discovery

Automatic Discovery of data center and multi cloud inventory, configuration and relationship data
Discover your assets and their relationships in minutes with up to 100% accuracy, automate asset discovery and application dependency mapping to build a holistic view of all your data center assets and the relationships between them in multi-cloud and on-premises environments.

Get fast, accurate, and secure asset discovery.

Map dependencies across assets and services in a single view.

Perform essential prevention and detection tasks.

Data Center Infrastructure Management

Get a 360° view of your Data Center, provide real-time monitoring of power distribution and
use across your data centers, enabling you to measure, trend, alert and take action. Visualize and manage space and capacity, so that for better planning and optimization of the data center operations. Prevent downtime with continuous monitoring, intelligent alerting and visibility into the data center and IT infrastructure.

Cost Control & Capacity Optimization

Reduce the cost of your infrastructure and utilize it, delivering fast, reliable digital services, optimize your infrastructure, whatever your challenges – from supporting new digital channels to driving down costs, so your infrastructure will cost less while doing more, predict IT resource needs due to changes in service demand, simulate the impact of IT system configuration and resource changes, reserve and schedule IT infrastructure resources for onboarding applications day-one and report the cost use of IT resources to business and IT stakeholders.

Optimize resource usage and cost across the enterprise and in the cloud.

Simulate migrations by selecting cloud resources and comparing costs to predict and manage cloud budgets.

Simulate migrations by selecting cloud resources and comparing costs to predict and manage cloud budgets.

Gain visibility into current and forecasted spend to optimize mainframe and enterprise infrastructure, software, and services costs.

Manage on-premises and cloud capacity to make the most of current and future resources.

Reinvent enterprise IT with intelligent automation

Go beyond traditional workload automation, schedule and manage every platform and application from a single point of control, simplify and automate diverse batch application workloads. Workload Automation builds, changes, schedules, and monitors complex batch services all from one powerful location, it helps your organization to:

Improve workflows, reduce operating costs, and deploy new services faster with automation.

Simplify the management and monitoring of batch processes.

Integrate all aspects into a single viewpoint, providing an increased span of control, improving productivity.

Reduce errors and delays.

Provide cross application and cross-platform scheduling capabilities, preventing scheduling challenges from becoming business challenges.

Monitor and manage integrated cloud and data center performance

Assure performance and reliability of digital services to consistently deliver exceptional customer experience, enterprise-class monitoring, event management, and operational analytics bring together data from the entire IT environment, including storage, servers, VMs, operating systems, databases, middleware, and applications. And give IT teams a centralized, 360-degree view of the health and performance of their IT infrastructure, which will help your organization to:

Reduce event volume by decreasing event noise through analytics.

Decrease false alarms by up to 90%.

Resolve 40% more incidents automatically.

Lower mean time to repair by up to 75% Warn IT when a metric is trending out-of-band, up to 3 hours before a baseline is breached, with predictive analytics.


MAGNOOS provides a step by step approach towards adoption of the Digital Service Management & Service Assurance journey.

Requirement analysis and propose conceptual solution:

We analyze of the objectives of requirements and propose possible solutions accordingly. We carefully compare all the possible solutions and propose the one that best suits the requirement of organization.

Architecture design and technology selection:

We carefully evaluate candidate technologies that works for organizing business requirement and design the architecture that provide solutions to their challenging business problem.


We help you implement the Digital Service Management & Service Assurance solution in agile manner. Design, architecture and requirements and validated every time a new increment is delivered, even the plan is validated as teams get real and accurate data around the progress of the project.

Maintenance and L1 Support:

We provide L1 Support and on demand onsite support throughout the full life cycle development of the solution as well in proactive maintenance, which includes quarterly health checks.

Education & Training:

Tailor made knowledge transfer and classroom trainings by certified instructors.






Proof of Concept:

The Proof of Concept (POC) is utilized to begin your Digital Service Management & Service Assurance efforts on a small scale that can be used to then justify a larger endeavor based off of the results attained during this project. Our experts will design your architecture, install the platform and then work to implement a small but realistic scope which will be then tested to ensure quality and performance before moving to production. The ROI on the POC will be calculated and used when gaining buy-in from the management towards a larger scale project.