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MAGNOOS is a leading Software Value Added Reseller and Technology Implementation company founded in 2012 by experts in the Data Management & Analytics, Service Management and Automation software solutions industry. MAGNOOS operates in the Middle East and Africa region, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates with regional presence in Saudi Arabia, India, Egypt and Pakistan. MAGNOOS enables large private and public organizations to implement state-of-the-art Technologies and adopt best business practices that help them conceive innovative business ideas and incorporate them into corporate strategies. More than 100 skillful, industry-certified professionals, all university graduates – most holders of MSc, MBAs and PhDs from world renowned universities – are consolidating their knowledge and international experience under a management of executives averaging 20 years of experience each in the IT and Business Management field. Our customer roster includes some of the most significant and successful organizations in the Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Telecoms, Retail, Energy, Transportation, Utilities and Government sectors.

MAGNOOS offers a range of consulting and residency services, while undertaking the analysis, design and implementation of Information Technologies across a number of specialization areas. Its success and reputation have been built upon the ability to manage and own projects end to end, ensuring all aspects of the project are completed and delivered according to customer requirements. MAGNOOS is a “boutique shop” of the world’s leading Data Management & Analytics, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Digital Service Management, Digital Business Automation and Robotic Process Automation Technology Vendors and Partners. We can independently advise our customers to select and implement the right solutions for their specific needs, industry in order to meet their business objectives. This is done by our consulting, professional services and support teams who are working hand in hand with our customers to quickly and effectively define and realize business benefits from their investment in modern technology.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help corporate executives to acquire the information they need to build upon prior technology investments, adopt new technologies, and streamline their strategy in the age of social networks, mobility, cloud services and big data in order to digitally transform their business.

“Speed, Accuracy, Clarity & Quality – Servicing Enterprise customers as they deserve!”

MAGNOOS aims at quick accomplishment of our projects in the digital world, at a point where Speed, Accuracy, Clarity & Quality are pivotal. We are your providing high caliber consultants who work with you, speak the industry language, and authentically understand your brand and your target audience.

Our Vision

We understand that conventional branding models have been permanently changed, digital encounters are presently the categorical & ultimate key touch point for an enterprise brand. Our objective is to optimize business challenges through IT world. We tack on strategic perspectives, inspiration and technology to productively coordinate our clients into the lives of consumers.

MAGNOOS is here to aid forward-thinking Enterprises to transform their businesses using advanced technologies & innovative ideas.

Our vision is to provide hassle free, accurate and quality service to Enterprise Customers and become the “de facto” IT Services and Solutions provider in the Middle East & Africa region!

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We Provide Expert Solutions

Data Management & Business Analytics

Data represent one of the most crucial assets in today’s organizations. Vast quantities of data are being created and used in our daily business life. However, it appears...


MAGDIA – Data Intelligence Automation

A unique solution from MAGNOOS to supercharge your commonly used Applications using AI infused data and get instant access to KPI for automated decision making


Big Data, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

New data sources like social media sites, website logs, mobile devices and sensors generate unprecedented amount of unstructured and semi-structured data.


Service management & service assurance

MAGNOOS provides software and consulting services enabling enterprises and organizations to assure the performance, availability and efficiency of IT operations and Service Level Management and delivery


digital business automation & robotic process automation

MAGNOOS has a unique presence in the market with its deep expertise of automating both the front end and back end business processes. MAGNOOS leverage the following technology for the automation,


Training and Support Services

Training Services

MAGNOOS training services are developed by subject matter experts to help organizations and individuals improve personal competence and skills to increase efficiency, improve employee productivity and accelerate organizations return on investment.

We provide standard and customized training as per the need of the organization. Our trainings are delivered by our Industry experts on premise at the customer premise or at our training labs. Hands On experience with the solutions along with face to face interaction improves participants adoption and ease of use of the technology.

Support Services

MAGNOOS Level 1 Help Desk and Level 2 Applications support team is comprised of experts with operator experience across multiple disciplines that can provide support for an ever-growing list of applications. We work diligently to identify the best approach to finding a solution. We offer support for both transition periods as well as complete outsourced solutions that exceed industry standards in customer care. Because we want to provide the most cost-effective solution, our support can be used as a shared or dedicated service depending on project needs.
Our team has years of operator experience with various technology backgrounds. We’ve been in your shoes and can navigate the daily challenges you encounter with ease and expertise. We work with you and on your behalf 24x7x365 to resolve issues without disrupting your staff and providing them the freedom to focus on critical projects and deliver better customer experience.

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